Tiger Woods won his third PGA TOUR event this season on Sunday at the AT&T at Congressional Golf Course, more wins this year than any other player, and his third win in the last seven starts!!!

Is he back?

Untill he wins a Major I guess most of his critics will say not yet, but the more he keeps winning tour events he must start picking up major wins like he did in the past very soon, he has two more opportunities this season, the Open & the USPGA to do so.

It is interesting to compare the all time winners on the US PGA TOUR as seen here.  

Sam Snead compiled his 82 wins over a 29 year career

Tiger Woods 74 career  wins so far have taken 16 years.

Jack Nicklaus 73 career wins took 24 years

Ben Hogan 64 career wins took 21 years but of course the war years and his car crash restricted his playing career.

Arnold Palmer 62 career wins took 18 years.

So just comparing Tiger to Jack, Tiger has taken 8 years less than Jack to amass 74 victories, very impressive, Tiger is 36 yrs old and Jack was 46 when he won his last major the 1986 US Masters.

How long will Tiger keep  playing, that is hard to predict of course, but I guess he will keep going as long as he can untill he breaks the Nicklaus major record of 18.

If Tiger plays till age 46 as Jack, he has ten more years and forty more major tournaments to achieve that dream of winning 5 more. Also Tiger has won 14 majors since 1996 but has not won a major since US Open 2008 when he was suffering with damage to his knee and won a play off against Rocco Mediate, he has been in twelve play offs and lost one in 1998 so far during his career. 

I personally believe he will not play as long as Jack Nicklaus did, I do believe he will surpass Sam Snead on the all time PGA Tour wins, if he wins three more a season it will take him three more years to do so and he is not finished  yet with the 2012 season. After Tiger had his first win of the season at Bay Hill in March I said he would win 5 times this year and I stand by that, it could even be more!  

So its interesting to look back to Pebble Beach in February when Mickleson beat Tiger badly in a head to head and many commentators criticised Tiger saying he would not win again. Since then Mickleson has not won a tournament. Who would believe that !   

So how many Majors will Tiger win before he puts his clubs away?




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