Online Swing Analysis Information



  • An online swing analysis lesson will give you a reference point, a look at where you are right now with your swing, not where you feel or think you are!
  • So you can start to improve, not guess what you might be doing!
  • I will help you develop a blueprint with the right concepts, and create a swing that is simple, repeatable, reliable, more powerful and holds up in those pressure situation
  • Online Lessons from David allow you to be in control of you own game improvement and allows you to develop your swing yourself, under the watchful eye of a PGA professional with over thirty years teaching experience.
  • For each Online Lesson provided by Bowngolf Academy the student will receive the following within 72 hours of receipt of you swing footage via Youtube, and confirmation of payment 

            What You will Receive


  • Video analysis/comparison with voice over and overlay lines highlighting and showing the keys to improve your golf.
  • Side by side swing comparison 
  • Swing Analysis by your own PGA professional with Thirty years of teaching experience and learning
  • Personalised notes and drills/exercises so you can make faster improvements 
  • You will get Facts about your golf swing, not Myths or Opinions
  • You will be more calm and relaxed on the golf course because your mind is clear and focused, not confused.


          This means to you that you will



  • Understand exactly what you do wrong and exactly how to correct the fault!
  • Be seeing the differences visually and be able to picture what you need to do far better!                 
  • Have drills/notes to refer to so its clear and easy to stay on track to your goal!
  • Have a clear understanding of where you are now and a clear course to follow for the first time!


         How to make your video


  •  Film two individual videos of their golf swing You will need  a rear shot taken at waist height directly behind the student parallel to their target line and directly down the line of the student’s hands at address. Down The Line
  • The face on view should be taken at waist height directly in front of the student perpendicular to the student’s target line. Face On.
  • No more than ten seconds of video is enough per swing.
  • Please use a tripod.
  • Make sure I can see all of the club path in the video, so get the camera at the correct distance from the ball, around 4 to 5 metres should be fine.
  • Where possible footage should be taken with a shutter speed of at least 1000 sec shutter speed, or sports mode, and an aperture that is appropriate for the light conditions. Use normal speed not slow motion 


                                                     YOUTUBE Instructions


Create Youtube account, its easy and free, follow Youtube instructions.

Upload video to your computer,save it on to your hard drive.

Upload video to Youtube.

Select the PUBLIC tab on Youtube to enable me to download video.

Click the link provided by Youtube, check that your video will play ok.

Once all the above steps are completed you are ready to send me your video

Click the PAY PAL button 

Send me the link to your video provided by Youtube along with your request for your Swing Analysis Online Lesson.

If you have any questions about online lessons please contact me at

                                            Swing Analysis Fee



Personalised Internet Lessons with David Bown PGA AA  


Single Online Swing Analysis  – £35


Series of 4 Online lessons       – £120





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