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TacTic, a system of golf swing training aids widely used by PGA and LPGA instructors through out the major golf schools around the world.Perfect answer for anyone who flips their wrists through the IMPACT ZONE. Gives instant feedback, all my students love this !




Comes with DVD


Stan Utley’s Learning Curve Designed to support Stan Utley’s teaching philosophy, the ‘Learning Curve System’ will condition you to be more comfortable, relaxed and athletic on the green. You’ll develop the fundamentals of a free flowing putting stroke as Utley himself teaches you to use the Learning Curve in any of several ways on the accompanying DVD. Great indoors or on the putting green, this really grooves your stroke and gives you feedback on how the correct putting stroke should feel. I use this regularly and it gives my students confidence in their stroke, makes you more consistent and you make more putts !

Learning Curve



Is a laser training device that can be used indoors and outdoors.It is simple to use. It has two built in green lasers which are industrial quality,one in each end, which enables you to see the path the club is travelling on from beginning to end. It will give you instant feedback and show you if you are on plane or off plane and you can make the correction instantly. Know more guess work, and instant correction.I use it myself and my students love it because it gives them the confidence of knowing they are on the correct swing plane !

It’s an invaluable training and teaching aid.

Comes with DVD





So simple, swing 10mph faster and gain 25 yards !

Fits in your golf bag, and is endorsed by Vijay Singh.

Comes in Gents, Ladies, Juniors. I  use this and can highly recommend it, use it for five minutes every day, helps in your warm up and increases your clubhead speed. You can measure your swing speed gains on the speed gauge.

Comes with DVD.






What separates the amateurs from the pro’s is the hand and forearm action through the impact zone.The Pure Swing unlike any other swing trainer will ingrain the correct pro motion squaring the club face at impact every time you swing it. The Pure Swing Eliminates Scooping and Breakdown at Impact Increasing Club Head Speed. Now you will hit it straight and long every time. With The Pure Swing there is no more guess work or long practice sessions. Just make a few practice swings at home or before a round. You can chip and pitch balls with The Pure Swing. This form of training is second to none when developing precision and distance control in the short game.



Pure swing

Inventor:John W. Rohan-Weaver

The Tour Striker helps you create  better impact alignment because its designed to encourage a forward leaning shaft angle which enables you to strike down on the golf ball, just like the Tour pros!


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