Here it is, classic Ben Hogan,  Power, efficiency, control, awesome !

Legend Ben Hogan after car crash in 1949 fought back to win on the PGA tour  in 1950 and go on to win many majors, and in his Golden year 1953 won three majors, the U.S.Masters, U.S.Open, The Open , he only played in five tour events that year and won three, due to injuries sustained in car crash,  because of this he had to reduce his playing schedule dramatically for the rest of his career. 

His two golf books Power Golf and The Modern Fundamentals of Golf are classics, the first Power golf was written pre 1949, and The Modern Fundamentals in 1957. 

Power Golf shows Hogan with his longer swing and The Fundamentals show him with the shorter swing, which shows the real essence of  what Hogan was all about, no frills, everything there for a purpose, effecient, sublime control of ball flight, immense power, no wasted motion and of course his power fade !

I have many videos of Ben Hogan and he had incredible lag in his swing, he unwound his body so well, from the ground up, everything moves in correct sequence, his legs, hips, trunk, arms, wrists and clubhead retaining energy, and powering into the ball.

He had supreme control over his body and  his club, built up by thousands upon thousands, of repetitions, experimenting to see what worked under tournament pressure, and what didn`t.

His thoughts on plane, hip movement, practice, strategy and course management, and mental toughness are still valid today, many pros after finishing their round would go to the range and learn from the master, he never watched them practice !

Ben Hogan won nine majors, maybe ten, because of the disputed 1942 U.S.Open, how many could he have won had it not been for the war and his terrible car crash in 1949 when he was at his peak ?

 Ben played in 292 PGA tour events and finished in the top three in 47.6% of them and finished in the top ten 241 times!

A true golfing legend , after his car crash in 1949 he nearly died, they thought he wouldnt play golf again, but he rebuilt his body and golf swing to achieve even more success and become a golfing legend. His golf swing  was created through pure hard work and trial and error, and from the fifties was known for his pure ball striking and total control of his golf swing and his mind.

What an amazing man and my all time golfing favourite.


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