The Mind Game Master Keys

The Mind game is such an important part of the golfers armoury, it is a major factor in helping you play your best, you must be able to handle whatever happens out on the golf course, deal with it and move on to the next stroke.

From my own experience in tournaments, I can play so much better if I maintain a calm physical state throughout the round and keep a focused mind. You practice your swing, you must also practice controling your thoughts, it’s about focusing on what you want, visualising what you want.

So your MASTER KEYS to consistent golf  MUST also include your MIND KEYS, you will need both to perform and fulfill your potential. You will get so much more pleasure out of your game by LEARNING how to THINK CORRECTLY.

Letting destructive thoughts come into your mind will really put you into a painful and downward spiral of performance.

All my students are automatically given MIND KEYS during their lessons it is a vital component to making progress.

I am bringing to you the best information on the mind game, which will enable you to start saving shots right away. I am always looking for great information that will help all golfers of any ability improve, and lower their scores, to this end I will be bringing you various ways to help you do just that.

For tips on how to control your mind, The Coaching Zone will provide you with all the tools you will ever need to get the winning mentality, which will then allow your physical skills to flourish.

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