The pivot is a MASTER KEY because it not only delivers the power package, that is the hands, arms, wrists, trunk and the club, but it must do so in the correct sequence to maximise the power you have at your disposal.

To maintain and deliver the club, wrists, arms, shoulders, trunk into the ball , there is a sequence that has to be followed.

All the best players in the world do this and many, many recreational golfers do not adhere to this MASTER KEY.

The biomechanics  experts that I have spoken to all agree on this, and many years ago an excellent book, the first scientific look at the golf swing, entitled The Search for the Perfect Swing maintained that the correct sequence of the downswing starts from the ground up and is in a definite order, otherwise there are accuracy and power leaks.

The top players use their downswing sequence as a gear shift if you will, going through the gears using each component of their downswing to accelerate and then transfer that energy into the next segment and so on and so on until impact , the great players are able to maximise this process so as they approach the ball and through impact. This sequencing is a huge part of their ability to hit the ball so far.

We hear a lot about clubhead lag, but there is also pivot lag, which is saying that each component from the ground up must work first, each segment will accelerate, reach it’s peak then start to slow, its done its job, and the next component takes over like a relay, and so it goes on through the chain of events until all these components are released in the correct sequence.

The correct sequence should start from the ground up through the

1. Feet
2. Knees
3. Hips
4. Chest
5. Arms
6. Wrists

This sequence produces tremendous energy into the club and into the ball.

Here are some pictures to show how the correct pivot looks during the backstroke, the top, the start down, impact and finish. Balance is vital so feel where your weight is through your feet as you do this sequence.


Work on training your body to move in this sequence, and this will help keep the clubshaft on plane throughout your downstroke. You will be walking further between your shots as they are going further, and the ball will fly a lot straighter!!

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