Hi Speed Video Lessons

How can you improve your swing if you have never seen it. Your feel of the swing can be so misleading.

You need a starting point so you can really see what you are doing, not what you believe you are doing. Usually they are two different things.Using a hi -speed camera @ 300fps you see impact clearly every time.

You will save time and frustration on aimless practice sessions where you think you are practicing the right things,and yet in reality your feel of how you are swinging can be so different.

This is why PGA tour pros, top amateurs, elite players in county golf,  in fact every level of golfer who really wants to play better golf use state of the art video analysis. If you have ever been to a golf tournament and been to the practice range, you will see the pros and their coaches filming and checking out that what they see is what they feel. They are saving countless hours of practice time by getting feedback instantly through the use of video and computer analysis.

Otherwise you are swinging blind and guessing, why leave it to chance when you can SEE how you REALLY swing, no illusions, just the facts.

Then you are practicing with a purpose, a goal, not just getting exercise hitting balls.

GASP hi-speed video analysis system is used on SKY SPORTS and by many of the top coaches and golf academies all round the world and is a great teaching and learning tool.



I can record your swing at 300fps, video cameras are 25 fps, and keep it in my swing library so we can compare before and after swings and also use as a reference for future lessons.

I can split the screen so we can see a side by side picture, measure your swing speed,show slow motion, frame by frame, drawing tools , internet lessons, too many features to list.

All this can be put on a DVD with voice over for you to take home and keep, or I can send you a small version of your swing analysis by email.

Great for corporate outings where clients get a swing analysis to take away and a reminder of the day.

If you really want to improve and take your game to a NEW LEVEL, have a GASP Hi Speed Video Lesson.

Call Me on  07973 746872 to arrange your video lesson now!

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