In my search for improving my golf swing I am always looking for the latest cutting edge technology to help in that quest, and of course if I find something that works I incorporate it into my students game as well.

I had heard great things about Mark Bull and the 3D Biodynamics system at Burhill G.C  and decided to book a session for myself & my wife Sue, who is a 16 hcp golfer at Foxhills to test it out. Mark has worked with many European Tour players & has helped them to even more success. 

We were not disappointed, Mark put on the special sensors and calibrated everything, and then I just made a few swings.

The analysis was incredible, the system identifies things you cannot see, it measures rotation of the body, the sequencing of your movements, the  speed of different segments of  your body in the golf swing and much more.  Mark also looks at your mobility & gives you drills & exercises to help you speed up the process of improvement.

It is a fantastic tool to improve your golf and I am delighted to welcome Mark Bull Golf Biodynamics & Fitness  to BOWNGOLF  ACADEMY I know this technology will help my students become even better !

 Why trust opinions when we have science, golf instruction enters the new age.            

 Why not give it a try !   


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