My exciting news for February is that my continued research into the golf swing will take me to California and two of the best golf instructors on the planet

I will be on my travels in February to California, to do more golf research for BOWNGOLF, I will be spending time with Gregg McHatton a PGA of America professional who has the highest qualification in the GOLFING MACHINE  and is a pioneer in educating golfers how to swing the club more efficiently by using the laws of force and motion. You can use the laws of physics or fight them! 

I also will be visiting Carl Welty a PGA of America golf professional who works at the number one golf school in America, the Jim McLean golf school at La Quinta California.

Carl Welty is a expert in video and  has filmed all the greatest golfers since the 1960s to the present, and has worked with many world class PGA tour players.

I will keep you informed  of my travels and experiences and give you the latest info discovered on the trip !


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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