Us Open champion 2011 showing us what a great golf swing he has.

I have watched Rory at several tournaments, and his ball striking is so pure and his swing has such great freedom, flow and rhythm, this hides his incredible power generation, through great use of his body, he generates amazing clubhead speed to hit drives of 330 yds.

Key points.
Starts the club back with the arms, chest, wrists all in perfect sync.
Great turn of his upper body, really gets a great coil at the top of his swing.
Fantastic use of his pivot to start into his downswing, weight moves to left side, unwinding in great sequence, from hips trunk, chest, arms, club and wrists delivering maximum power into the ball.

What can you learn?
Start using your chest & arms, not wrists to start your golf swing.
At the transition, use your hips, trunk in the proper sequence, not just wrists and arms, to start down.
Use a lighter grip pressure to free up your arms so they respond to your pivot, so you can retain more energy, rather than pushing the club into impact and releasing the energy way too soon.

Here are a few swings to enjoy and learn from.

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