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Welcome to my E-book sign up page

This is your personal guide to improving your golf.

Included in your E-book will be your own video lessons which you can access 24-7 from anywhere in the world.

Every time you have a  video lesson with me it will go straight into your E-book, or if you cannot see me personally you can  send me your swing via ipad, iphone, just add the GASP mobile app and I will give you an analysis and add it into your EBOOK.

You also get  in your E-book a guide to

      1   Putting  video of Luke Donald putting plus pro tip.

      2   Chipping  How to guide, never be confused over a chip or pitch again 

      3   Pitching    How to pitch confidently

      4   Bunker play  How to take the fear out of bunker play

      5   Full swing   How to grip, posture, The Master Keys of Pivot, Swing Plane and Impact   

      6   Mind Keys   To help you play more consistently

      7    Warm up exercises    To help you before you swing

      8    Practice routine       Learn how to practice 

      9    Video drills            Things you can practice at home or the range or in the garden   

     10  Action pictures     of Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy 

For the price of a video lesson £55 you get 1 yrs membership and access to all your video lessons ONLINE 24 -7 , plus my  EBOOK Golf manual FREE!  Your reference book to make you play better 

When you join you will be notified by email with all your login details.





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