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Welcome to my feature on the latest happenings at BOWNGOLF 2011.

It promises to be an exciting year, as already I have various things in the pipeline.

Coaching has entered the new age with biomechanics, 3d imagery, trackman, hi speed cameras etc, why settle for old ideas and myths when you can use science to deliver the facts about your golf swing !

I have great pleasure in announcing that BOWNGOLF is expanding its reach in the golfing world, through a careful choice of quality golf instructors.

In our effort at BOWNGOLF to provide golfers with top class coaching, innovation and technology, I am pleased to introduce to you Mr BJ.Hathaway, one of the most highly qualified golf instructors in the USA, he is the owner of  AUGUSTA Golf Instruction in Georgia USA and will be linking with BOWNGOLF Academy to offer top class golf instruction.

BJ is an excellent golf coach who never rests on what he knows now, he does not stay in the comfort zone world of I am a qualified coach, I know enough now mentality because I am qualified. Like me he is always looking to improve his teaching expertise and expand his knowledge of the golf swing by keeping up with the latest technology and seeking out the very best golf instructors in the world

BJ Hathaway is a highly qualified golf instructor and has many certifications, including an authorized instructor of The Golfing Machine, a  Hank Haney certified coach and  is a Mind Factor certified coach, the only one in the USA.



BJ. Hathaway


Latest News Jan 2011

My exciting news for February is that my continued research into the golf swing will take me to California and two of the best golf instructors on the planet

I will be on my travels in February to California, to do more golf research for BOWNGOLF, I will be spending time with Gregg McHatton a PGA of America professional who has the highest qualification in the GOLFING MACHINE  and is a pioneer in educating golfers how to swing the club more efficiently by using the laws of force and motion. You can use the laws of physics or fight them! 

I also will be visiting Carl Welty a PGA of America golf professional who works at the number one golf school in America, the Jim McLean golf school at La Quinta California.

Carl Welty is a expert in video and  has filmed all the greatest golfers since the 1960s to the present, and has worked with many world class PGA tour players.

I will keep you informed  of my travels and experiences and give you the latest info discovered on the trip !


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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