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TIGER back as World no1!

Well Tiger Woods has made the comeback from world no 54 to world no1,

he has his third win on the PGA tour this season and it was a back to back wins

& his eighth win at Bay Hill, Arnold Palmers tournament, the records just keep on growing!

Tiger has been world no1 for 77% of the time since he turned professional in 1996!

With Rory Mcilroy not as yet finding his form this season, he has lost the top spot, but maybe that will take a bit of pressure of him and start to get back to his best.

The US Masters is here in a couple of weeks and they will resume there rivalry, I can feel the golfing world anticipating the battle ahead, because everyone wants to see these players at their best at the top of the leader board come Sunday.

I will be watching as always and for me its the best Major of the year, because of the course and the drama it provides

every year.




I have put this video together to give you a taste of the expectation, enjoy!


Happy Golfing.


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Seve anniversary

Hard to believe it was one year ago on Monday 7th May 2011 that Severiano Ballesteros passed away.

My tribute to Seve is to show again my video that I took of Seve at Wentworth practicing, it was a great experience to watch the master at work.

Here is my post on Seve and my video.


It is US Masters week very soon and it is my favourite tournament of the year, the golf course is stunning, the weather is great ,its the first major of the year, and it usually has an exciting finish.

What more could you want?

Well when I think back over all the Masters tournaments I have seen, for a european, seeing Seve striding the fairways, playing sublime golf in a matador style, hitting iron shots, drives echoing through the trees, putts holed, recovery shots, it was fantastic to see, here was a golfer that was not afraid to win, believed he could win, and he was just so good that he could win anywhere!

Seve led the way for the europeans making a huge impact at Augusta and beyond.

Here is my recollection of a great day at Wentworth in the early eighties.

Back in the 1980s Seve Ballesteros was the most exciting player on the planet, and your best chance of seeing him in the UK was at the OPEN or at the World Matchplay tournament in October held at Wentworth.

i had been going to the World matchplay for over thirty years and seen Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Johnny Miller, Tom Watson, Tom Weiskopf, Gary Player, Tony Jacklin, Tiger Woods,Ernie Els, the list goes on and on.

But Seve was different to them all, not just in the way he played the course, there was a magic a charisma about him, you just had to watch him play golf to understand., you never new what was going to happen next, and even the impossible seemed possible back then.

I was there on a practice day so you could get much closer to the players, and on this occasion I had brought my video camera, and low and behold here was the master just arriving on the the east course eighteenth hole to start his warm up and practice.

There were only a handful of people there at the start and I thought here is a great opportunity, so I just asked Seve if he would mind if I filmed him practicing!

He said it was OK in his spanish accent and I was their like a bullet, right down the line, I was there with a friend and there are some classic comments on the video , such as,” it makes a different sound to the others”, “look at how square his divots are”, “pure”,” it makes me want to clap” “all I need to do is watch this video all night and tomorrow I will play great ”

This is what effect Seve had on us , I was frightened to take my camera of him for a second, because I knew this was very special, you might see the camera move left slightly as I was getting distracted , but a nano second of thought told me STOP you are kidding THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

I was so right.

I hope you take a look at the gracefull, flowing swing, his great rhythm, balance, power, a real genius of golf, he was an inspiration to many professional golfers who are playing right now and SEVE will rightly go down down as one of the greatest players in history.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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Arnold Palmer the King!

This week the US PGA tour calls in at the Bay Hill club & Lodge, located near Orlando Florida.

It is a super golf course, I played it several years ago and has a lot of water in front of the greens.

The eighteenth hole has a plaque down the fairway on the left and it says, Robert Gamez holed a Seven iron from 175 yds for a 2 to win the golf tournament from Greg Norman!

Its a scary second shot with water down the right hand side, and usually the pin is tucked in the back right location, so you have to go all over water if you want a birdie to win, Norman thought he was    going to win or at worst make a play off, but he loses to a 2 on a long par four!

This tournament is special because of Arnold Palmer, and all that the King has done for the game , and all he has brought to the game, all the players love this week.

As I said at the beginning of this post I have played Bay Hill and I was very lucky to actually meet Mr Palmer at his restaurant  in La Quinta California two years ago.

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer & David Bown

Golfing legend Arnold Palmer & David Bown

If you are lucky enough to go to that part of the world you must eat there, the food is so good, the atmosphere is great and you might meet the King!

The place has many of Mr Palmers clubs, bags and pictures, and also in the gents toilets there is a scorecard of his showing he scored a 28 on the back nine! Not sure if there is a copy in the ladies!

He was so warm and welcoming, huge hands and you knew you were in the company of a legend, yet you felt at ease being there, that is a special talent!

Imagine how many autographs, hand shakes, pictures he has done, incredible!

Enjoy watching the tournament, it starts Thursday, and as I am not over there following Tiger, he should make the cut!!!

Happy Golfing




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US Open Merion Hogan and the rest.

Hogan swing sequence driverWell a US Open is nearly here, and its at the famous Merion golf club in Pennsylvania this year.

An iconic image in golf is the golfing legend Ben Hogan hitting a 1 iron into the 18th green at Merion in 1950 to make a par and get into a  three man 18 hole play off with Lloyd Mangrum & Tom Fazio.

In those days you played thirty six holes on the last day & Ben Hogan had only eighteen months earlier survived a terrible car crash that nearly killed him, so he played thirty six holes, then had to play another eighteen on legs that were weakened and fatigued, yet he went on to win that US.Open!

He then won the 1951 and 1953 US.Opens as well as the 1948 US Open.

Hence the Ben Hogan legend and Hollywood made a movie about his life called Follow the Sun.

Tiger Woods is the same age as Ben Hogan when Hogan won in 1950, Hogan won six more of his nine majors after this win, will Tiger get the win which will catapult him to more majors?

If Tiger does win win it will be his fourth US Open, tying him with Hogan, Nicklaus, Jones, and Willie Anderson.

The first two rounds pair up Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy and Adam Scott, world number one , two and three, and it should be a great battle to see who comes out on top, as these three players are probably the best to watch.

You can look at these great players and many more on my Youtube channel David Bown PGA

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Happy Golfing!


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Living the Californian Dream !

The King and I

On the range at PGA West

Hi everyone , as promised I am letting you know about a fantastic golfing trip I did in February to LA, San Diego and La Quinta, near Palm Springs .

I have just returned from blue skies, warm sunshine and golf courses and practice facilities you will not better anywhere in the world! I hope you are not too jealous!

A real bonus for me was meeting the King of golf Arnold Palmer, what a lovely man, a real gentleman and golfing legend.

I was staying at PGA West in La Quinta near Palm Springs in the desert, palm trees and water hazards everywhere as well, at the Pete Dye Stadium course the greens 12 on the stimpmeter , think Augusta speed !

My trip took me to Torrey Pines to see a PGA tour event, near San Diego, great course, followed Tiger round for several holes, and he did not hit a fairway, so he is still struggling to get his game back to the level we all know.
Later on I went to the LA Open at Riviera golf course at Pacific Palisades, a very famous course due to the exploits of the great Ben Hogan, who won there on several occasions, there is a statue to commemorate the golfing legend.

Legend Ben Hogan

I filmed many of the top players at the events in hi -speed video and will be putting these up on my video section of my website, players such as Dustin Johnson, Goosen, Appleby, Donald, Bubba Watson etc, I hope you find them interesting.

I also took the opportunity to learm from the best and visited Gregg McHatton a PGA professional and a teacher who has the highest level you can attain in the Golfing Machine, and a very serious researcher of the golf swing.Gregg can explain the physics of the golf swing in a very understandable way, and he gains his knowledge by thousands of hours research and study of the best players, to prove his point.
It was great talking to Gregg and learning the real DNA of the golf swing, it was fascinating as he explained his swing code that is not based on opinion but fact.

Gregg McHatton

I have been really busy since getting back, and am looking forward to helping you with your golf game in 2011. 

See you soon.

David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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My Favourite Golf Swing – Ben Hogan

Here it is, classic Ben Hogan,  Power, efficiency, control, awesome !

Legend Ben Hogan after car crash in 1949 fought back to win on the PGA tour  in 1950 and go on to win many majors, and in his Golden year 1953 won three majors, the U.S.Masters, U.S.Open, The Open , he only played in five tour events that year and won three, due to injuries sustained in car crash,  because of this he had to reduce his playing schedule dramatically for the rest of his career. 

His two golf books Power Golf and The Modern Fundamentals of Golf are classics, the first Power golf was written pre 1949, and The Modern Fundamentals in 1957. 

Power Golf shows Hogan with his longer swing and The Fundamentals show him with the shorter swing, which shows the real essence of  what Hogan was all about, no frills, everything there for a purpose, effecient, sublime control of ball flight, immense power, no wasted motion and of course his power fade !

I have many videos of Ben Hogan and he had incredible lag in his swing, he unwound his body so well, from the ground up, everything moves in correct sequence, his legs, hips, trunk, arms, wrists and clubhead retaining energy, and powering into the ball.

He had supreme control over his body and  his club, built up by thousands upon thousands, of repetitions, experimenting to see what worked under tournament pressure, and what didn`t.

His thoughts on plane, hip movement, practice, strategy and course management, and mental toughness are still valid today, many pros after finishing their round would go to the range and learn from the master, he never watched them practice !

Ben Hogan won nine majors, maybe ten, because of the disputed 1942 U.S.Open, how many could he have won had it not been for the war and his terrible car crash in 1949 when he was at his peak ?

 Ben played in 292 PGA tour events and finished in the top three in 47.6% of them and finished in the top ten 241 times!

A true golfing legend , after his car crash in 1949 he nearly died, they thought he wouldnt play golf again, but he rebuilt his body and golf swing to achieve even more success and become a golfing legend. His golf swing  was created through pure hard work and trial and error, and from the fifties was known for his pure ball striking and total control of his golf swing and his mind.

What an amazing man and my all time golfing favourite.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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