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The Masters A Dream Come True!

Finally made it to Augusta National GC in Georgia for the US Masters, got my valuable tickets and can’t wait for April!

Have been watching the event on TV for so many years probably ever since I started playing golf, which is over thirty years ago now! I remember Coody, Aaron, Nicklaus, Miller, Weiskopf, Ballesteros, Watson, Zoeller, Mize, Norman, Player,Faldo, Floyd, Stadler, Crenshaw, Langer, Lyle, Woosnam, Couples, Olazabal, Woods, Omeara, Singh, Weir, Mickleson,  Z. Johnson, Immelman, Cabrera, Schwartzel,  B.Watson, and Scott!  Phew!!

Did I miss anyone out?

I will be there from when the gates open to when they kick me out of the grounds, I will be filming the best players in the world, at the most beautiful golf course in the world, the videos will all be going on my Youtube golf channel of course, for you to see at David Bown PGA.

I will of course be keeping you informed through my website and my blog as to the happenings around The Masters.

I really hope we get a fantastic finish with Rory, Tiger, Adam, Jason, all fighting for the lead on the back nine, Augusta usually has a grandstand finish.

Hope you all see the Masters this year on TV or in person, wherever you are and you manage to see it, it  will be full of tradition, colour, and excitement  amazing golf and tension, and I cannot wait to be part of it!


Happy Golfing




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With the Masters in mind here comes Tiger!

Tiger, Foley & FaldoTiger getting ready to play

Tiger wins his first PGA tour event since 2009, and what a great performance it  was.

 He wins Bayhill by five strokes and it was his seventh win at  the Bayhill tournament and 72nd tour victory, one behind Nicklaus, and is know up to sixth in the world rankings.

He is ten wins behind all time PGA tour winner Sam Snead.

All time PGA tour winners. Snead 82  Nicklaus 73  Woods 72  Hogan 64

 It has been well chronicled all the problems he has  gone through and I am not going to go over these again, but it was very entertaining watching Tiger, McDowell, Els, Poulter, all in with a chance of winning on the sunday at Bayhill.

Tigers performance was very impressive, his driving is so much better, he is now in position more often to attack the pins, and crucially he has so much more confidence in his ability to hit fairways,he is also hitting the ball further than he was a few years ago, mainly due to feeling healthy and able to practice more often and for longer.

I was amazed how many so called golfing  experts were so quick to dismiss Tiger Woods as a winner of tournaments and majors. Only a few weeks ago at Pebble Beach when he played the last round with Phil Mickleson, who played incredibly well and won, experts were saying he has lost his putting, his wedges were poor, he had no control of his distances, mentally he was scarred, he should get his money back from Sean Foley!


How well is Phil Mickleson playing over the last few events!

At Pebble Beach Phil played great, Tiger played poorly, end of story, its not a determining factor about their future career is it ?

Sean Foley has had Hunter Mahan win, Justin Rose, Tiger Woods win in the last few weeks, he must be due some credit.

How many people were so quick off the mark to dismiss possibly the greatest golfer ever, yes that is debatable I know, Nicklaus has won 18 majors Tiger 14, but Tiger is way ahead of every other player apart from Jack Nicklaus in the hunt for Majors, ahead of Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Watson, Player, Palmer, etc.

Its like well now we know what Tiger is really like, and when he plays poorly  its slag him off time, which I believe is wrong.

We should respect the golfing achievements of Tiger Woods, which are amazing, 72 tour wins now,14 Major wins, how many more majors who knows, I don’t, and neither does Tiger Woods. 

You do not get to this level of performance by being a regular guy, you have supreme talent of course, you have a burning desire to push yourself, to win, you love the competition, you play better under the pressure, you want to be the best ever, you believe you are, you must believe that, you will do whatever it takes to achieve that level of performance you desire, you push yourself in the gym, of course you do , but you have just spent your whole life pushing yourself, striving to get to that place you hold in your mind, your dream, your goal.

And then everyone wants you to be a regular guy, who is perfect in every situation, in front of the camera, in the press, Mr Perfect in every way.

Dream on!   We did believe didn’t we, that here was a perfect person on and off the golf course, the PR dream, then everything changed.

But when all is said and done, for me golf is a better place with having a legend which isTiger Woods playing great golf, with all the up and coming young lions chasing him hard, and with the US Masters coming soon we should be in for one hell of a tournament.Golf tournaments are always better when the Tiger is playing his best, and you know what, I am sure the players want to test themselves against the very very best .

Enjoy the 2012 US Masters, the first major of the year, it could be very special!


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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Nick Faldo golf legend

I first saw Nick Faldo at the World Matchplay at Wentworth in the mid eighties and if you ever stood next to him he was much bigger than you thought,he was 6ft 3 in & 14 st, a very fit player. 

He was a very focused golfer who was always trying to get everything out of his game that he could,  he set about improving his technique with David Leadbetter, so he could be more consistent & win majors & he did achieve that goal, winning three US Masters, 1996 & two back to back  1989 ,1990 & three Open titles 1987,1990,1992. He came second in the PGA 1992 & US.OPEN 1988. He had 40 professional wins & was in eleven Ryder Cup teams & is the current highest points scorer in Ryder Cup history with 25 pts, & is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Nick Faldo was knighted by the Queen in 2009

He was known for his accurate iron play, particularly his long irons, and he was an excellent putter.

I have a good face on view of Nick playing an iron while preparing for the World Matchplay tournament held at Wenrworth, I hope you enjoy it.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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Rory and Tiger in Desert storm !

My time at the HSBC tournament in Abu Dhabi was superb, the course was tough, and in great condition, the greens were perfect and very fast, the weather was warm, sunny, and with a light breeze.

The organisation by HSBC was brilliant, there was something for everyone in the village and the staff were very helpful and friendly.

Everything was set for the two main contenders to show their talents, Rory and Tiger, but alas it was not to be .

Rory had the worst kept secret in golf , the Nike deal announced, he had new everything, driver, irons,wedges, putter,ball, shoes and clothing, he missed the cut!

This is why sport is so fascinating, nothing can be taken for granted, no matter who you are, every week its a new challenge, different players coming into form, others losing form.

Rory said the clubs were great, he was just rusty, I believe him, he was a bit rusty and he is a streaky player, when he is on his game he is amazing, when he is slightly off he finds it hard to keep a score going, although last season he really improved in that area of the game.

Rory did not hole anything on the greens, even when he went back to his trusty Scotty the ball would not drop.

He will be back very soon, its a long season, and he needs a bit more time to get his game on song.

This brings me to Tiger, he missed the cut too, had a two stroke penalty to miss the cut by one, he hung in there , but missed a lot of fairways.

It just shows that in the next tournament he plays in, his first on the US PGA tour, he wins by four !!

Ah sport you just never know, and that is what makes it so exciting.

This is why Tigers record over his career is truly amazing, all the variables of sport, yet Tiger just kept on beating everyone every season, we took it for granted, he didnt, he knew how much work it took , the dedication it took, and there are so many players on tour with that desire and dedication, who give it everything each week.

The difference is the special ingredient called, having unbelievable talent !!

2013 should be another great golfing season.

Happy golfing.



David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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Living the Californian Dream !

The King and I

On the range at PGA West

Hi everyone , as promised I am letting you know about a fantastic golfing trip I did in February to LA, San Diego and La Quinta, near Palm Springs .

I have just returned from blue skies, warm sunshine and golf courses and practice facilities you will not better anywhere in the world! I hope you are not too jealous!

A real bonus for me was meeting the King of golf Arnold Palmer, what a lovely man, a real gentleman and golfing legend.

I was staying at PGA West in La Quinta near Palm Springs in the desert, palm trees and water hazards everywhere as well, at the Pete Dye Stadium course the greens 12 on the stimpmeter , think Augusta speed !

My trip took me to Torrey Pines to see a PGA tour event, near San Diego, great course, followed Tiger round for several holes, and he did not hit a fairway, so he is still struggling to get his game back to the level we all know.
Later on I went to the LA Open at Riviera golf course at Pacific Palisades, a very famous course due to the exploits of the great Ben Hogan, who won there on several occasions, there is a statue to commemorate the golfing legend.

Legend Ben Hogan

I filmed many of the top players at the events in hi -speed video and will be putting these up on my video section of my website, players such as Dustin Johnson, Goosen, Appleby, Donald, Bubba Watson etc, I hope you find them interesting.

I also took the opportunity to learm from the best and visited Gregg McHatton a PGA professional and a teacher who has the highest level you can attain in the Golfing Machine, and a very serious researcher of the golf swing.Gregg can explain the physics of the golf swing in a very understandable way, and he gains his knowledge by thousands of hours research and study of the best players, to prove his point.
It was great talking to Gregg and learning the real DNA of the golf swing, it was fascinating as he explained his swing code that is not based on opinion but fact.

Gregg McHatton

I have been really busy since getting back, and am looking forward to helping you with your golf game in 2011. 

See you soon.

David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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My Favourite Golf Swing – Ben Hogan

Here it is, classic Ben Hogan,  Power, efficiency, control, awesome !

Legend Ben Hogan after car crash in 1949 fought back to win on the PGA tour  in 1950 and go on to win many majors, and in his Golden year 1953 won three majors, the U.S.Masters, U.S.Open, The Open , he only played in five tour events that year and won three, due to injuries sustained in car crash,  because of this he had to reduce his playing schedule dramatically for the rest of his career. 

His two golf books Power Golf and The Modern Fundamentals of Golf are classics, the first Power golf was written pre 1949, and The Modern Fundamentals in 1957. 

Power Golf shows Hogan with his longer swing and The Fundamentals show him with the shorter swing, which shows the real essence of  what Hogan was all about, no frills, everything there for a purpose, effecient, sublime control of ball flight, immense power, no wasted motion and of course his power fade !

I have many videos of Ben Hogan and he had incredible lag in his swing, he unwound his body so well, from the ground up, everything moves in correct sequence, his legs, hips, trunk, arms, wrists and clubhead retaining energy, and powering into the ball.

He had supreme control over his body and  his club, built up by thousands upon thousands, of repetitions, experimenting to see what worked under tournament pressure, and what didn`t.

His thoughts on plane, hip movement, practice, strategy and course management, and mental toughness are still valid today, many pros after finishing their round would go to the range and learn from the master, he never watched them practice !

Ben Hogan won nine majors, maybe ten, because of the disputed 1942 U.S.Open, how many could he have won had it not been for the war and his terrible car crash in 1949 when he was at his peak ?

 Ben played in 292 PGA tour events and finished in the top three in 47.6% of them and finished in the top ten 241 times!

A true golfing legend , after his car crash in 1949 he nearly died, they thought he wouldnt play golf again, but he rebuilt his body and golf swing to achieve even more success and become a golfing legend. His golf swing  was created through pure hard work and trial and error, and from the fifties was known for his pure ball striking and total control of his golf swing and his mind.

What an amazing man and my all time golfing favourite.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

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