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The Blueprint for Change!

Recreational golfers are not improving  because they do not understand what they have to do to change or modify their technique, and also they do not appreciate how much quality repetition is involved in changing an old habit into a reliable new one.

Sticking at changing a old habit to a new one  is very hard, you need huge discipline , it involves several thousand correct repetitions of the one specific move you are working on, and that takes several weeks of intense effort, it is the same as getting fit by going to the gym, you must do it regularly to reap the rewards.

Here is an example, if you can do one hundred correct repetitions every day for one week= 700

Repeat for four weeks = 2,800 reps you will start to really own that movement, not having to think it through. It can take between 3-5 thousand repetitions to OWN the new move 

So you can see that when you go to the range and hit 100 balls with the intention  of improving your swing  the results will be poor, because you are not creating the new pathway in your swing, you might be “thinking the new move” but you cannot make a swing change and hit balls swinging at full speed and do it correctly. 

You cannot change a motor skill that quickly, you have to learn new pathways and build up a new pattern, which takes time, dedication and focus.

I give my students a blueprint of what they need to do technically and give them the required amount of repetitions so they can achieve their goal. Do the new movement at a very slow pace, feel and see that it is correct every time.

Success  Regime

  1. Slow motion moves only.
  2. Every practice session do at least 100 reps.
  3. Continue this routine every day for 4 weeks. 

You have the information, why not start right now  and really IMPROVE?

Make 2010 your year !

First Major is the US Masters and who will win?

We only have to wait another few days and we will be at Augusta for the US Masters, the first major of the year and in my mind the most enjoyable to watch.

I think the course plays a huge part in that as we all know it so well, and its the only major played at the same venue.We have seen so many past winners play the course, we know what can happen on the back nine on Sunday at the Masters!

Remember last year!

Phil Mickleson has won three times since 2004, Woods has won three times since 2001, his last win was 2005 in a playoff.

Four Europeans have won in the last twenty years, two South Africans in the last four, so to get a European win this year on current form looks a distinct possibility, but the americans do have a very good record, ten wins in the last twenty.

So who do I think will win, well Tiger does play well there and he is in form, so he must be in with a great chance, they do say horses for courses so Phil Mickleson must play a part , he seems to raise his game for Augusta, of the other Americans I think Keegan Bradley is worth watching, long hitter, putts well, also Brandt Snedeker has played well at Augusta, could Bubba eagle a few holes with drive and a wedge!

Of the Europeans Luke Donald must have a good chance, his short game and putting is superb and he has proven that he can win, Justin Rose has played so well of late, he can putt, his short game is very good and he has a lot of confidence and can keep a score going when not at his best..

Now we come to world number two Rory McIlroy, what a talent, long hitter, great iron player, putting hugely improved, and short game, has learnt how to win and is much more consistent than ever before, will last year effect him, well did it effect him at the US Open last year!

Last year he played so well at Augusta for three rounds that if he had putted reasonably I think he would have had a eight shot lead going into the last round, his tee to green play was so good.

If he plays his normal game he must have a great chance again.

Can I see Poulter, Casey, Garcia, McDowell or Westwood winning unfortunately no is the answer.

So my picks for the Europeans are, Donald, McIlroy and Rose. pretty obvious ones really.

US picks would be Woods, Stricker and Keegan Bradley .

Of the rest of the field, Adam Scott looks good.

So there we have it, I have tried to use form, gut instinct and some logic into this but as we know on the back nine on Sunday at Augusta anything can happen, and it probably will, that is what makes this event so special and why I will be watching to see who wears that green jacket come Sunday evening.

It is probably the most eagerly anticipated Masters for many years, Tiger on a comeback, and the young guns out to prove themselves. 


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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Tiger Woods Mystery !

Tiger’s in the news but, not for his golf ! We very rarely hear anything about Tiger’s personal life , everything about his life is so well controlled, just like his golf, everything ordered, planned out and executed. Until now !

What is going on ? All his fans want to know .  I am sure we will find out soon.

Well this just shows that Tiger is human , not a machine. He can control many things out on the course, but not everything in his life. 

We can all learn from Tiger, his planning, his dedication, his mental toughness in the heat of the battle out on the golf course, but sometimes things don’t go as we like.  On the the golf course, we sometimes feel out of control and go into the downward spiral of doubt and lose our confidence .

How can you recover and regain your composure?  

Take a few deep breaths, refocus on what you want to achieve, slow down your breathing, filter out any unneccesary thoughts and focus on one thing at a time. Try it next time. It works !

Tiger Woods

Ryder Cup thoughts

Correct me if I am wrong but Team USA under Captain Tom Watson, had vice captain Ray Floyd, Andy North and Steve Stricker as back up.

That is a strong, tough and determined group and I am amazed that news coming out from certain players is that there had no input and didn’t feel they were prepared!

Well they only had two years to form a strategy! Must have had some plan?

Don’t get me wrong Tom Watson is a legend and a gentleman, I remember watching him win all his five Opens in magnificent style.

I guess the captain and the vice captains believed that the players hit the shots, and all they have to do is hit it closer and hole more putts than the opposition! Sounds very logical!

Perhaps that is old school philosophy now, as maybe players want more of everything nowadays, they want more support, they want more love, they want more belief, they want more inspiration to perform at an even higher level, I don’t see the incredible performance of Rose & Stenson every week, ten consecutive birdies, that was inspired, and I expect the U.S. players wanted team USA to provide that for them?

The thing is you have to provide that inspiration from inside yourself, team Europe had a great captain in McGinley, he has been involved in six winning teams now, and he laid the foundations for that inspiration through his planning and attention to detail,  to enable the European team to perform at their best and those players certainly rose to the occasion brilliantly again!

Reputations don’t mean much, as history shows us, its all about what form you are in RIGHT NOW at Gleneagles and how much you want it and how much belief you have!

Team Europe has now won eight of the last ten Ryder Cups.

What are your thoughts?


Happy golfing,



So HOW do YOU develop a better golf game?

To learn and improve should be your goal, if you are not learning and working on improving you will probably  be gradually getting worse!

So learn and improve but how?

You will not be able to do this on your own, how many of the best Tour players in the world have no coach?

They all have either a coach who works with them consistently, or a coach who really knows their swing and they see them for check ups periodically.

Tianlang Guan the 14 year old wonder kid who made the cut at the Masters, what an incredible performance that was, is going to work with Tigers coach Sean Foley very soon! He certainly believes he can improve!

You can always improve!

So you need a structured plan, an overview of things you want to improve.

How do you practice and work on your desired plan?

For example say you are going to improve your grip, how do you do it?

How much intensity do you need to really own your grip, your set up, get your alignment, improve your golf swing?

A lot, but make sure the time YOU can put in is not wasted going down blind alleys, listening to bad advice.

Get your club, a eight iron is fine, place your left hand on the club, I cannot in this post show you how to hold the club, I need to see your grip, but I will advise you on your approach and how to practice.

Once you have your hand placed on the club how you need it to be, look at how your hand lays on the grip, feel it, look at it, feel the contact points on your hand, close your eyes, increase your awareness between your hands and the club.

Place your right hand on the grip, mould it onto the left, check that is on the club the way you desire, look at your hands, feel the way the grip lays in the hands, feel the pressure points, close your eyes, sense it, feel it.

You need your grip to be moulded correctly and feel the club is a natural attachment  to your hands.

Hands need to be Educated

Your hands as Homer Kelley said in his book The Golfing Machine, are the command post, they give you feedback of the club face, but only if you have educated hands, hands that are sensitive and understand how to work during the swing.

The great Henry Cotton was another who preached about the brain and hand to club face connection, this is an area of the game that has been in the shadows of late, its more popular at the moment to talk about hips, lag, biomechanics etc.

But how many top golfers have uneducated hands, and no feel of the club face throughout the swing? None of them!

I think you will agree they all really can feel what their hands are doing and where they need to go, throughout the golf swing.

This is what you really need as well, its your only contact with the golf club, you need to be aware, so your hands in time will feel more comfortable, they will be stable, strong, sensitive to movement,  they will be able to give you accurate feedback and will give you a feel of the club face that you have never experienced before!

They will be trained, not two hands doing their own thing, trying to hit the ball!

To improve in anything you need good information, you also need better awareness, heightened senses, better visualisation, better feel,  better planning, more focus!

Wise Words

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

I see golfers doing exactly that on the driving range!


Happy golfing,



David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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 David impact

How many times have I heard this, a student wants to improve their golf swing but is frightened of making any changes.

Well it is quite normal to dislike change in our lives anyway, but if you are not succeding in what you do in your life, you had better start looking to change some things.

It is the same in golf.

What I would be very careful of is making wholesale changes to your golf swing all at once, in a desire to get things right.

 Even if the student has several areas that need improvement, I make sure I know which areas to work on first, and I do not want my students to be overloaded and weighed down with lots of technique, that will only stall our progress.  

I need to plan what to change , when to change, and feed these changes into their golf swing over a period of time.

Can a student do this on their own?

Are you kidding, NO WAY.

You will need help from an expert, a PGA professional who has been recommended to you, or go online and look in your area and see what golf professionals are out there, check out their website, get a feel for their enthusiasm, what  training have they done, their experience. Give them a call, tell them what you want from them.

They will be happy to help you.

When a student comes to me , I always ask them two things.

1. What are you doing at the moment to improve your golf?

2. What is the most important thing to you about your golf?

This gives me exactly what I need to know, what they are doing now, and what really matters to them in their golf game.  

When working with a new student who wants to really improve I  make sure I really understand their swing, their pattern of movement, how this effects their ball flight, and what corrections need to be implemented.

They need to be made aware that they need time to implement some changes and they may feel a bit awkward, this is perfectly normal.

How can you change something in your swing and have it still feeling the same!

The real key here to improvement is only working on a couple of things at once, sticking with them, being patient, making sure the student REALLY understands that, and that you are a team and working to a  plan.

For example.

It could be posture, maybe the student cannot turn because their posture will not allow it, or maybe they have a misconception about how to move in their swing, which is creating the problem.

So I look at the core issue that is making this golfer inconsistent and work from there.

This approach of being a team and working to a plan will create the right learning environment for the student and the coach.

It breeds confidence because the student knows exactly what to do, and why it effects the flight of the ball.

When your student has clear precise targets to aim at it really helps their focus, they are not distracted by their golfing buddies offering tips on every swing, they know their swing, they know how to improve it.

The results will be rewarding. 




David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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P1060780Having just returned from my fantastic trip to the US Masters, and it was truly an amazing experience, I wanted to share with you the experience of being there.

To see the course at first hand, the immaculate facilities and the organisation was incredible.

Nothing comes close to this event, the only major held at the same course, the legends of golf all playing at the same course throughout the history of this tournament.

I urge every golfer to try and get to see the Masters once, I know tickets are like gold dust and golfers were paying $1000 for the privilege of walking round the historic venue, regular price was $50!

It is a unique event and the best tournament I have ever been to and I am sure no other event can ever come close.

It was by far the easiest golf tournament to watch the best players in the world that I have been to, and filming the players was much easier too.

I managed to take over 400 pictures and 60 slow motion videos which will be shown on my YouTube golf channel. soon, I have put Bubba Watson on there already.

On one hole he hit it 366 yards!

Here is the link to the unique swing of the Masters champion 2014 Bubba Watson in slow motion.

Here is my article that I wrote for the National Club Golfer magazine.

Happy Golfing,

David Bown


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor

Lynn Blake Certified Instructor



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Swing Map 2011

Golf research is improving all the time, which means that the  knowledge gained by coaches who also want to improve is filtering through to people like you, golfers who want to improve.  Let me explain that this is not for golfers who are happy walking eighteen holes every weekend and are inconsistent, frustrated and not improving!  If this is you , please STOP reading this NOW!

I say to my clients, you are successful at what you do, what if you were at work and you had a strategy for your business and it kept failing, would you keep repeating it over and over hoping that one day things will improve ?  Of course not, you would be sacked, fired or go bankrupt !    YOU WOULD MAKE CHANGES.

So why do golfers keep making the same mistakes over and over and over?  Please let me know!

Your SWING MAP improvement guide will help you get focused on what you really need to do.

Which is to learn what is important to your golf swing, what makes it really work, not what looks pretty, or is the latest fad or trend in the golf industry, do not waste your precious time and energies on something that will not get you the results you want. 

Let me say that there is no one method that will suit every golfer on this planet, trust me if there was I would be telling you!

We are all unique individuals, some are tall, short, thin, fat, stiff, flexible, balanced, unbalanced, coordinated, uncoordinated, some have great body awareness and control, some do not.

So here are crucial key points you need to get right. You can all do this, which means you can all change and improve.

  1. Good Posture.
    What is good posture? You need balance, good angles and good alignments. straight back, not curved, chest out, arms hanging relaxed. Very few people I see come to me with good posture.                             
  2. Correct Pivot.
    How your body moves back and through and in the correct sequence.You must understand that how you start your swing, and how the downswing starts and in what sequence.  It is the key move, the most important thing in your swing. Hardly anyone gets this right, hence the struggle begins.
  3. The Hands.
    They must be trained to behave and work correctly, most golfers overuse them to make up for pivot deficiencies.
    Simply put, they hinge up and down, they turn and roll, keeping the left wrist flat and right wrist bent.
    Again most golfers have no idea of what they should do with their hands during the swing.
  4. Be On Plane
    Understand what it is and how to find your swing plane. Most golfers have heard of this but do not stick to the basic rules.

Most golfers do not improve because of lack of knowledge, once they grasp the key components they make swift progress, they get more confident, they play better, they enjoy the game.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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Does Tiger needs a coach ?

Yes he does !

In  April Tiger played in the US Masters and finished an amazing 4th, after being out of golf for around five months, he has since played in several PGA tour events and not performed well, he had to pull out of the Players due to neck problems.

His latest event the WGC at Firestone was his worst four round total in his professional career, eighteen over par, he hit five fairways day one, three fairways day two, seven fairways day three, day four I dont have the stats but he had his worst round of the week a 77.

To quote Tiger,” I am not hitting the ball well, I am not chipping well, I can`t hole a putt, and my driving is poor”

TIGER Stats.

He was79 of 80 in driving accuracy, G.I.R. he was 77th out of 80, he averaged 29.5 putts per round, the interesting stat is that he made 22 bogeys and 3 double bogeys and 10 birdies, so he dropped 28 strokes to par, and made 10 birdies.

Hunter Mahan Stats.

Driving accuracy he was 30th, G.I.R 9th, putts 26.5, he made19  birdies which ranked him 1st and 7 bogeys, no doubles.

Tiger knows his swing, but he needs a plan , a blueprint to get him back on the right track, he is too good to struggle like this , and obviously his personal life is really not sorted out and he is not the focused Tiger of old.

It is such a fine line between success and failure at this highest level of the game, you lose your technique, lose some confidence and belief and you really struggle.

So Hunter Mahan, Sean O`Hair, Justin Rose, are all coached by Sean Foley, in Orlando, and I would suggest that Tiger will go to him and work out a plan to eliminate his problems of losing height, getting the club too inside on the downswing. He needs to look at his swing in 2000 when he was in total control of his game, I know that was ten years ago now and physically we all change, but Tiger is such a great athlete he can do it.

The key question is has he got the desire to get back to the top of his game, I believe he has , and that he will play his best golf again, but only if he can deal with his personal life, get that in order and open up a new chapter to his life, I also believe that after the USPGA he will take a break to sort out his life and golf game.

What ever opinions you have about Tiger, he was an incredible golfer and did things on the course that we had never seen before, and set some amazing records.


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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How does Tiger change his swing ?

Tiger Woods knows how to  improve and change his swing. Do you?

If you go to the range and hit balls with your regular swing speed and expect to change, because you are thinking about a new movement your coach wants to incorporate into your swing, you will be disappointed at the results. It will not happen.


 Because to make any progress in swing changes you must reduce your speed of the movement , so you can start to be aware of what you are doing and you can start to see what you are doing and feel what you are doing.This is critical to making any change, you have to do the new movement slowly and precisely so you know it is correct, then with lots of repetitions your brain  can start to  develop the new pathways of your movement patterns so it can become an unconscious automatic movement, which is exactly what you want when out on the course.

You hear Tiger saying all the time “I need to get some good reps going and that takes time”

Why not learn from the best players.

1.  Be realistic, it takes time to change. Allow 100 reps before any change even begins to feel comfortable.

2.  Swing slowly, in slow precise movements, and monitor what you are really doing.

3. Do as many slow motion, and correct repetitions as possible before you add any speed.

4. Be patient, it will work.

5. You have found the key to  long term improvment and eliminated frustration!


David Bown PGA AA Golf Professional

Authorised Golfing Machine Instructor



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