Since I started my golfing journey at 14 years old I wanted to find out if there was a secret or “MASTER KEYS” to great golf, it is my passion. Why are some players better than others, what do they do differently to make them better?

It is an interesting journey of learning, and discovering the facts, not unproven opinions. So I am always seeking the best information possible. With that aim I have sought out the best coaches in the game, forty of the top fifty as voted in Golf Digest & Golf Magazine. So I can improve my knowledge and you, as my student, will learn in the best way possible for you, and most importantly you will get great pleasure and satisfaction from learning to play this great game of golf.

I have been fortunate to learn from so many great teachers over the years whose expertise covers the swing, short game, putting gurus, mind coaches, fitness & biomechanics experts. I continue to research and learn in order to improve my knowledge.

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  1. PGA qualified 1975.
  2. Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor. GSEB
  3. Lynn Blake Certified Instructor
  4. Class AA PGA Professional
  5. PGA European Tour Qualifying School 1980, 1981, 1982


  1. Teaching Technique.(Video Analysis)
  2. PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit. (New Orleans)
  3. PGA of Europe Teaching & Coaching Summit


PGA of Europe Teaching Conference. (Montreux)

World Scientific Congress of Golf. (St Andrews)

PGA of America Teaching & Coaching Conference.(New Orleans X2) (San Francisco)

Butch Harmon Coaching School (The Belfry)


David Leadbetter`s Golf School (Lake Nona)

Fred Griffin Grand Cypress Academy of Golf (Florida)

Mike Adams PGA National Academy of Golf (Florida)

Dr Jim Suttie Shadow Wood Golf Club (Naples)

Jim McLean Doral Golf Resort (Miami)

Mike Bender Timacuan Golf Club (Orlando)

Hank Haney   PGA of America

Jimmy Ballard  PGA of America

Jim Flick    PGA of America

Rick Smith PGA of America

Rick Martino PGA of America Learning Centre (Florida)

Leslie King Golf School   (London)

Joe Daniels (The Golfing Machine)

Mike Hebron PGA of America

Gregg McHatton PGA of America (The Golfing Machine)

Harold Swash Putting School

Dr R.Mann Compusport Analysis (Grand Cypress Florida)

Dr Paul Hurrion 3D Swing Analysis & Biomechanics

Mark Bull    Golf Biodynamics 3D Technology

Lynn Blake Golf School

Mac OGrady Golf School


Newcastle College

InnerCaddy Coach


CONTACT ME David Bown PGA Professional AA  Authorized Golfing Machine Instructor

07973 746872      email david@bowngolf.com                             Richmond Park Golf Courses.

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