I know it all seems great travelling the world, playing in exotic warm locations, and if you are good enough earning a living at it , and for a very special few a vast amount of money to be made! But take a look at the last tournament the flagship event on the European Tour, wow did things go wrong there! Firstly Sergio Garcia makes a very stupid comment about his great pal Tiger Woods, this was at the players awards dinner just before the event, then every player and his dog is asked to give an opinion on what was said. Then European Tour head George O’Grady makes a statement and gets that all wrong on Sky tv, and has to issue a apology. The weather is rubbish, its winter out there! I was there at Wentworth filming the players for my video channel, and it was cold, dull and windy, no fun at all, I can tell you! This year the BMW PGA had all of the triumphant Ryder Cup team playing at Wentworth, it was going to be a classic! Sorry No it wasn’t, the lead up to the event was marred by poor comments from people that should no better, ok the weather was totally out of anyones control, but I was at the course all day on the Monday & Tuesday , the official practice days, and I never saw Rose, McDowell, McIlroy, Donald, Westwood, Poulter, on the golf course at all!! Where were they? Its strange that McDowell, McIlroy, Donald, Poulter all missed the cut, and what should have been a fantastic tournament never materialised. I know McDowell won the week before, so he is forgiven, Westwood also put up a good showing, but the so called top players who were expected to fight for the win, all missed the cut! It was left to the lower ranked players to put on a show, and Marc Warren, and Simon Khan and Matteo Manassero certainly provided great entertainment during the last few holes, and of course the brilliant golf played by Khan and Manassero during their play off was enthralling to watch. So it was of to Walton Heath for some players to try and get one of the ten places up for grabs out of a field of around a hundred to qualify for the US Open at Merion this year. The weather was cold and very very windy, the greens fast, balls were being blown around, as Walton Heath is Six hundred feet above sea level, heather awaited any stray shots, players were nearly getting on par fours in one and then playing a 30 yd chip and watching the ball roll and roll straight over the green, and then dropping a shot! The wind must have been blowing around twenty miles per hour. Players started  teeing  off at 6.40 am in two balls. I saw the winner Simon Khan, yes he was there playing another two rounds and playing great golf for a seven under par total to win the event. Paul Casey had a poor start with a 74 but shot a fantastic 64 in the second round to qualify. So its not all glamour out on the European Tour, the competition is intense, the pressure never ending, and its all about the score and not making stupid comments! What surprises are in store for us next week? Please can we have a summer?   Enjoy your golf!

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